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The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Simcoe County Museum

Simcoe County Museum is an amazing place to peep into the past through the perfect recreation of the historical moments.

This park is located on 120 hectares. The forested parkland lies in the north of the city shows the indoor and outdoor exhibits. This museum is surrounded by several preserved heritage buildings. In the museum, more than 30,000 donated artifacts are present in the five galleries.

Let’s read more about its history.

The Simcoe County Museum was made by a women's institute in 1928. At that time, different artifacts were collected to display in the Barrie Library of the museum. With the passage of time, the number of the collections were increased and a new venue was needed to display all the items. In 1962 the Simcoe county museum was moved to the present location.

The 10 buildings of the 19th century are preserved on the outer side of the museum.

Simcoe Country Museum Barrie ON

Exhibits at the Museum:

The museum exhibits galleries from previous times to modern times. The perfect buildings and artifacts offer a sight in the past. In this museum, there is something different for everyone to see and enjoy.

  1. Simcoe Gallery:

The collection of this gallery is dedicated to the residents of the local place. This gallery shows the collection of different traveling vehicles that were used in the past.

Simcoe museum is presenting the world of the nights till the 17th April of 2022. You can wander through the dim lights. This exhibition is produced by the Sherbrooke museum of nature and science. This is equally interesting for children who can camp under the stars or play games.

  1. Channel Gallery:

This gallery mainly focuses on the early residents of the County. It is designed for the visitors so that they can explore the life of early inhabitants who lived in that place before they came. This gallery contains a replica of the Pendant longhouse.

  1. Barrie’s Main Street:

Barrie’s main street showcase the recreation of the old business and stores that were operative in the late 1800 and early 1900s. This gallery has Simmon hats, furs and Lawrence fair, and much more. This gallery will help you to peep into the past ideas of business and the present business that are developed and modified.

  1. Living And Working Gallery:

This gallery is a new addition to the gallery. It focuses on the development of lifestyles, fashion sense, military departments, and industrial fields. It makes you wonder when you see the displayed artifacts from 1890 and 1970.

The gradual changes in lifestyles have changed everything and this change is continuous.

  1. Natural Resources Gallery:

The landscape of Simcoe County had dunes, marshy soils, thick forests, and beaches. This landscape offers precious natural resources. These resources have a deep impact on the development of lifestyle patterns and other fields of life.

The early inhabitants of Simcoe County did not live a facilitated life. They fished, hunted for food, and looked for shelters in the forests. Different components including shells, bones, and stones were used to prepare different tools. The pots were made of clay, a fishing net was prepared from hemp, and much more.

This gallery emphasizes the natural resources that people used in the past to facilitate their life.

  1. Heritage Buildings:

Simcoe County Museum exhibits 10 great heritage buildings that are relocated to the museum from different locations in Simcoe County. These historical buildings tell about the architectural designs of the past and present day. It also illustrates the growth and progress in this field.

  1. Farm and Construction Equipment:

The museum has highlighted the patterns of life in every field. This gallery comprises an impressive and wonderful collection of different equipment and machinery that were used for farming purposes.

It is also worth watching and wondering how agriculture has changed and modified.

Wooden artifacts at Simcoe County Museum Barrie, ON

Skate Trail At The Museum:

These days, the skate trail is limited to 150 skaters due to restrictions on covid-19. The skate trail hours are from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, the skating hours are 10 am to 12 pm and then 2 pm to 4 pm.

The ticket timing for skating may be delayed due to unsuitable weather conditions. Ticket sales are open every day after the weather condition is confirmed. You can also buy tickets online and check for updates.

Ø Frequently Asked Questions About Simcoe Museum:

  1. What is the Museum Timing?

The museum is open to the public throughout the year apart from Easter Sunday, Good Friday and Christmas Day, and new year's day.

Museum timing may be prolonged on special occasions. For the public, the museum opens at 11 am and closes at 4 pm.

  1. What is the Admission fee of the Museum?

The museum does not have any set cost of admission. But the suggested fee is 5 dollars per person. On event days, the admission fee is set and ranges between 8 dollars for adults to 5 dollars for children. The pre-schoolers can enter without any fee.

  1. Can you bring your dog?

Yes, you can bring your dog but it should be leashed. You cannot take them indoors with you.

  1. Do you offer Memberships?

Yes, family and individual membership plans are available. Single membership is 40 dollars that are valid for a year. The membership rate for seniors or youth is about 30 dollars and that of family membership is 60 dollars.

Trip to the Simcoe County Museum Barrie ON


There is no way back to the past. The days change into months and years. The lifestyles and patterns change day by day. In this technical era, the change and modification are even faster.

Museums provide a window to peep into the past. The Simcoe County Museum is also offering a sight into the past. Such places leave us to wonder how difficult was life in the past. Its remarkable collection of artifacts from different fields of life makes it worthy to visit and get information about the past.


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