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The Ultimate Guide To Visit Snow Valley Ski Resorts

Tourism is the best way to take a break from daily life’s hectic routine and recharge yourself. In this article, we are providing you with information about one of the most loving and famous locations where you can enjoy a lot.

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Snow valley ski resorts are among the most visiting places. It is situated in the north of Barrie Ontario. Its opening time is 9am and the closing time is 9pm but on Monday it closes at 4pm. Snow valley ski will provide you with the facility for snow tubing that is operative in the winters. Many weddings and banquet facilities are provided in the summers at this great place.

In 2001, the ski snow valley was given the title of the best Ontario hills for Kids.

This location is full of fun and the staff is also very friendly and polite. This place is perfectly suitable for beginners. They will encourage you for your progress and make sure that you are enjoying your time over here.

However, you may feel a little bit of difficulty withthe billing process due to the crowd of people.

What You Can Do There?

Snow Boarding And Skiing:

As mentioned above this place was declared as the” Best Ontario Hill For Kids” in 2001 by a magazine. This offers the best services and facilities for families to learn snowboarding and skiing. The staff mainly focuses on family and tries to encourage them to enjoy their time.

Snowboarding at Snow Valley Minesing, ON

The hills at this place are perfect for beginners even children can also learn snow tubing, snowboarding, and skiing without falling. You can also hire personal instructors at reasonable prices. If you cannot afford private instructors then group lessons are also helpful, the staff tries to give equal time to everyone and teach them to accomplish goals.

The kind staff in the place will help you to complete your initial training without any problem and if you are going there for the first time then you will surely love their skiing and snowboarding packages as they provide you with lessons and rent equipment as well.

Skiing at Snow Valley Ski Resort Minesing, ONSnow Tubing:

Snow tubing is so popular and is considered the favorite activity of families on Snow Valley Ski resort. It is also becoming popular in the different parts of England.

Snow tubing is affordable and almost everyone can do it. As it does not require buying any expensive equipment or hiring a teacher to learn it. You can simply sit on a tube and get going.

Snow valley ski resorts provide the facility for snow tubing and making the time full of fun and joy. However, you should always pay attention to the staff’s instructions because it can become risky if you do not listen and follow the instructions carefully.

Before sitting on the lift, make sure that you keep your feet up and do not touch the cables of the lift. When you are sitting in the tube make sure that you are not touching the bottom of the tube and are holding the handles firmly.


The soft landscape and the white trees are the main elements that make this place more joyful. You can easily wander over the white landscape with quality snowshoes. Snow valley ski resort is equally fun-loving for beginners and adventurous people as well.

The trail will lead you to explore two different kinds of forests and more than seven different sites to discuss the unique features of wildlife, streams, and wetlands.

Snow valley ski resort is one of the best places to visit with friends and family and enjoy quality time.

2 People Snowboarding at Snow valley ski resort minesing, ON

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can You Get A Family Pass?

No, everyone has to purchase a ticket whether to participate or look on. They do not offer family passes.

  1. How many people can sit on a tube?

The tube can be used by individuals. However, individuals may be grouped together based on the weight of the participants, weather conditions, and chute conditions.

  1. Can you bring your helmet?

Helmets are not required for tubing. But all the participants should wear helmets approved for snow sports but as a guest, you can also bring your own helmet.

Group of people skiing at Snow Valley Ski Resort Minesing, ON

  1. How much time do you wait to take a ride?

The waiting time varies according to the weather conditions and visitors in the park. Typically, you would need to wait for fifteen to twenty minutes.

  1. Are dogs allowed at Snow valley ski resort?

Yes, you can bring your dogs but make sure that they are leashed to avoid any inconvenience.

Safety First:

  •   Snowboarding, snow tubing, skiing, and other activities in this area have the risk of getting injured. So you should always make sure that you are paying attention to the staff’s instruction and are not going against it. Read out the instructions below to make yourself familiar with the safety rules.
  •   During the trial, do not stop at a place where you are not visible from above your head.
  •   Carefully read all the posted warnings and signs.
  •   Do not use terrain or lift if you have used alcohol because it can impair your ability.
  •   Keep yourself in control to avoid hitting objects or other people.
  •   You must be able to ride, unload and load lift. If you have any doubts then you can always seek for lift attendant’s help.
  •   Make sure that you are using the proper equipment to avoid any inconvenience.

2 People skiing at Snow Valley in Minesing, ON


Expectantly, this article is helpful to you. Snow valley ski resort is a perfect place to go out and spend quality time with your family and friends. It is safe for kids and those who are new to skiing, sky boarding, snowshoeing, and tubing.

The friendly and polite guiding staff will help you to learn if you are a newcomer. However, if you do not want to participate in any of the activities, you can always spectate others. The trails, food points are the key elements making this place more loving.

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