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Effective Rodent Control

Tired of fighting the never-ending battle against house mice and rats? Let Prime Pest Control take care of that house mouse infestation for you.

Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment for a no-obligation pest control evaluation. Our skilled pest control team will help identify and close the areas that rodents entered and also exterminate both the adults and their nest from all areas of your property. We offer one-time extermination services and seasonal pest control services to ensure your property is free from pests all year long.

For an inspection and free quote on any of our pest control services, call us today at (647) 372-0698.

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Are rats and mice a health hazard?

Yes, a rat or mouse can carry several diseases at once and are not known for cleaning itself. They walk through sewers or dumpsters looking for their next food source. This is one way they bring that bacteria into our homes. Mice, rats, and squirrels like to get into any food source they can eat which will contaminate the food as well. They also leave toxic fecal matter behind wherever they go.

Prevention Of A Rodent Infestation

Eliminate their food source and close all entry points to prevent attracting rodents and parasitic insects to your property. Mice are attracted to peanut butter, cheese, and other foods with strong aromas. Rats and mice will look for pieces of soft fabrics to create nesting sites. Warm houses are a great spot for rodents to start a family. There is no extra cost for closing the entry points as it is all included in our comprehensive rat and mouse removal package.

Do You Need House Mouse Control?

Rodent control is recommended for anyone who has seen a mouse or rat inside of their home or rodents on their property. It is very uncommon to only have one mouse or rat scurrying around, as they reproduce quickly. These nocturnal rodents will do anything they can to eat the food humans leave behind. They are also very intelligent, which is why rodents often escape from homemade rat and mouse traps.

Get Rid Of Rats & Mice Today

Rodents can be uniquely difficult to catch, but with professional extermination, a life free of pests is within your reach. When our rat and mice extermination team arrives, we will survey your home and identify the type of rodents before creating a unique plan that meets your needs. All of our pest control methods for rodents are both humane and eco-friendly. We will target not only the adult rodents but also their nest to help prevent future problems with mice and rats.

Prime Pest Removes Mice & Rats Quickly

Take control of your property by using proper rat and mouse control in your home.
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Signs of a rat or mice infestation include sightings of the animals, holes in the ground around your property or in the walls. Rodent droppings and gnawed plastic, packaging, or furniture are also common signs that rodents are afoot. If you come across a pile of shredded materials, chances are you have found a rodent nest and need rodent control. These are typically located in out of the ways areas that do not get much human or pet traffic. Food packages and trash that has been opened from the bottom are also signs of rodent activity.

If you think you have a, nfestation or if you are experiencing symptoms of rat-bite fever, give us a call today at (647) 372-0698. We are happy to provide our customers in the Greater Toronto Area with high-quality rodent control.

Guaranteed Rodent Extermination

The common house mouse is no match for our exterminators! Call today to be

Rodents such as mice and rats pose a serious danger to the health of your family or those who work in your building. Rodents often are the carriers of disease and taint food sources and water supplies with their fur, saliva, and feces. Mice and rats have the ability to taint as much as 15x the amount of food they consume, and what’s worse, they also carry the hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. They often carry other vermin in their furs such as fleas, which can cause a secondary infestation in addition to bringing along other viruses and bacteria. If you spot rodents in your home or on your property, it is important to give us a call at (647) 372-0698 as soon as possible for rodent control.

Mice and rats look for soft material and new objects to create a nest for their babies. Rodents will chew through anything they can to get eat or find these materials. If you see chewed wires or chew marks on your furniture, you can easily determine that it is time to call Prime Pest Control for emergency rodent control services.

All of our rodent control services are guaranteed for up to one year, depending on the size of the property and the number of other pests on the property.

Our Other Pest Control Services

Many diseases are spread through rodents such as mice, rats, and squirrels. Don't let these pests contaminate your home or business.

Mice and rats are known to be carriers of diseases and their bites and their urine can cause severe infections and fever. Moreover, they can bite through most of your objects and can damage electricity wirings in your home.

Without open entry points to enter your home, mice and rats have no way of getting in. This is step one and one of the top rodent exclusion techniques in pest control. Say good-bye to mouse traps and mouse droppings and HELLO to professional mouse removal and control.

Our other services include:

Professional Rodent Control In The GTA

Pest control you can count on for reliable rodent control.

Mouse Caught on Camera

Rats and mice are a nightmare for any business, especially in the food industry. A single pest can cause severe disease through their urine, droppings, or by contaminating the food you eat. They love nice and warm cozy places with soft material, where they can be comfortable during the cooler months.

A mice invasion can be hard to deal with. Whether the mice or rats are in your storage room, office, basement, or garage, the only way to get rid of them for good is with a professional pest control treatment.

Protect your home from taking on a disease brought in by a common house mouse. Although it could feel differently, immediate help is only a phone call away. Our professional pest control team specializes in emergency rodent removal.

To learn more about our services or to receive an estimate, give us a call at (647) 372-0698 and ask for rodent control and removal.


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