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Effective Bird Removal In The GTA

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Birds are an important part of our ecosystem and the health of the environment. They help to pollinate flowers and plants in addition to offering a beautiful aesthetic to our local environment. In general, birds will mainly stay away from areas that are heavily populated by humans, but on occasion, they may make a nest in trees on residential or commercial property. Depending on the type of bird, your tree may become its permanent home. In most cases, birds are great neighbors, but if your trees are suffering or if you need to have a bird relocated, we can help.

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Humane Bird Control

Most birds a benign, but if you happen to have aggressive or troublesome birds on your property, humane wildlife removal is an option. Some birds may pick up trash or even harass your family or clients while they lounge outside.

Prevention Of Birds In Your Home

Even if the birds are not bothering people, if they take up residence in your ledges or in the roof, it can spell trouble for your property as time goes by. Thankfully, birds are some of the easiest animals to relocate since they are not particularly friendly with people.

Same Day Bird Removal

Nesting birds are the hardest to manage, but with our help, we can get rid of them for good. We will relocate the birds and their young, then destroy their nest on your property completely to stop them from coming back.

Guaranteed Bird Removal Toronto Needs

The first step in getting rid of a bird problem is removing what is attracting them to your property to begin with. Our team will help you identify the cause of the bird's interest and work with you to create a plan of action that will discourage them from coming back.

Prime Pest Control Removes Birds Safely

Emergency bird removal you can count on when you need it most.
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Most of us love waking up to birds chirping outside our window until there are many of them waking us up at 3 am on a workday. Gulls, pigeons, house sparrows, and collared doves are a variety of birds that are considered to be household pests. If your problem is roosting birds, then we will humanely relocate them back into the wild and give you an actionable plan to protect your ledges and flat surfaces in the future.

Professional Bird Wildlife Control In The GTA

Prime Pest offers humane solutions with

Birds are a beautiful part of our environment, and it is important they are always handled gently and with the proper care. Our humane bird relocation services will help safely and humanely relocate wild birds on your property and return them to the wild where they belong. If you have birds on your property that need to be moved, give us a call at (647) 372-0698 today to find out more.

Money Back Guarantee

Our Other Pest Control & Wildlife Control Services

Humans and birds were meant to live in harmony, but not in one home.

Bird infestations can be determined by the rate of droppings they leave on your property. They can also accumulate in huge numbers near your place, which is an obvious sign of a bird infestation that can be problematic in the future. Bird removal is considered an emergency wildlife control service when a bird is in your home, causing damage to your property, or becomes a threat to your safety.

Dealing with multiple problems at once? Our other pest control and wildlife services include:

Guaranteed Bird Removal

Birds will live in your home if you let them, but don't worry - we won't!

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Birds though generally harmless can bring with them diseases or even cause costly damage to your property. The experts here at Prime Pest Control are happy to come out to assess your problem and create a customized solution that is both humane, eco-friendly, and effective.

Our first step will be to inspect the property to see where the entry points are if the bird is inside. Otherwise, our team will gently and carefully relocate the bird and its' nest to a more appropriate location. This is often highly effective and the only treatment to rid your property of the birds for a period of time. If this doesn’t work, we will work with you to eliminate food and water sources on your property. Covering your ponds, HVAC systems and making sure that there is nothing that entices them to stay long term.


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