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Professional Pest Control Richmond Hill

Prime Pest Control Richmond Hill exterminates all unwanted pests without leaving a mess behind.

Prime Pest Control in Richmond Hill is a premier provider of eco-friendly pest removal services. We have been exterminating harmful pests and removing invasive wildlife in Richmond Hill for over 10 years.

The first thing you should do when you have a pest problem is to call professionals! Eco-friendly and non toxic treatments for pest control.

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Why Choose Prime Pest Control?

Discrete Service

  • Our team will arrive in unmarked vehicles.
  • Prime Pest Control also offers wildlife removal services.
  • Our pest control treatments are quick and effective.
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Effective Extermination Of Pests

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to spray treatments that won't harm the environment.

Our services are guaranteed to be efficient, and our reviews speak to our credibility. If you are looking for an infestation-free home or business, we are just a phone call away. Here at Prime Pest Control Richmond Hill, we offer one-time pest removal services that help to keep your property free of pest problems all year long.

Has a wild animal entered your property to make a nest or look for food? Once this happens, it can be difficult to get them back out. Whether you are dealing with raccoons, squirrels, skunks, snakes, or birds, it's important to have an experienced expert when it comes to wild animal removal.

A common response to a bed bug infestation is to throw away the mattress. Although this is also a good idea, it may only be delaying yet another infestation. We guarantee that our extermination will completely exterminate all bed bugs on your property.

Rodent control is a top service for any pest control company, especially in Richmond Hill or the GTA in general. Rodents love big cities because there are so many warm places to nest. Don't deal with this annoying pest on your own, call us today to get rid of the mice once and for all.

They are common pests that a professional exterminator can remove for an affordable price. It is important to cut off the food source, however, so that they don't continue to return. Call us today for an estimate on our environmentally safe extermination service.

Cockroaches reproduce at a quick rate and they live all year long, even in Canada. Our customers in Richmond Hill who deal with cockroaches understand the importance of hiring a professional pest exterminator for this job. When done correctly, you can rest assured there will be no more roaches on your property.

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Best Pest Control In Richmond Hill

All of our technicians in Richmond Hill are certified and experienced in a diverse range of modern pest and wildlife control methods.

The best way to manage your pest removal cost is by giving our office a call the moment you notice that you have a problem with mice, insects, wasps, a raccoon, a rat, or any other pest. If you are in need of quick pest control, we offer a one-time service that will get rid of unhygienic insects or animals affordably.

Depending on your needs and location, long-term pest removal services may be the best solution. We offer annual and seasonal packages that will keep your property free from bugs, critters, and other vermin the entire year. Our pest removal team is highly trained and familiar with common pests in each service area which will help protect your property regardless of the season.

How It Works

If you are not sure what type of infestation you have, we are happy to come out to diagnose your problem and create a customized solution.


Call for a free quote and schedule an appointment.


Move furniture away from the walls.


Plan to be out of the house for 3-4 hours.

Prime Pest Control offers quick service for pest control emergencies. Call us today at (647) 578-7471 for the most efficient pest control service the city of Richmond Hill, Ontario has to offer.

Our money-back guarantee is offered to all commercial and residential clients in the GTA. Call today for a free quote! Our number is (647) 578-7471.

Our team of pest removal personnel will come out to your location, check your land and property for signs of infestation, and then provide a free quote. Once a licensed pest control exterminator identifies the type of pests that are plaguing your house, we will create a quality plan of action.

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About Us

Our goal is to keep insects, rodents, and wild animals away from your home, business, and family at a price you can afford. The moment you notice a problem, give our team a call at (647) 578-7471 . Pest removal and extermination are more than just getting rid of mice or a rat one time. We educate our customers and provide post extermination clean-up so there is no mess to worry about.

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Once we get rid of your current infestation, we will check your property to identify the cause and also suggest solutions to prevent infestations later down the line. Keep your house or business pest-free this year by hiring quality exterminators in the GTA. Quick, reliable pest control is only a phone call away.

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