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Quickest Raccoon Removal Toronto Has To Offer

Professional removal, relocation, and raccoon prevention services as soon as you need it.

Raccoons are crafty animals that have been the most successful in adapting to human environments. They are able to easily locate food sources and circumvent most animal prevention measures put in place to keep wildlife out of waste areas. Although they tend to avoid people directly, they will bite and scratch when provoked. They have to potential to carry diseases such as rabies and worse. Many wild animals such as raccoons will also have insects in their fur such as fleas or ticks that can also harm.

For an inspection and free quote, contact a technician today at (647) 372-0698 for quality service by a family owned company.

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How To Get Rid Of Raccoons

Dealing with raccoons on your property is easy. All you have to do is give our office a call at (647) 372-0698 and we will take care of the rest. Our highly qualified animal removal team will set up humane traps that will allow us to capture and relocate any troublesome raccoons safely.

Benefits Of Wildlife Control

We will also work with you to create an action plan that will deter other raccoons from setting up shop on your property. We will relocate any captured raccoons and their nest to a location in the wild far away from your home. Our process is simple and starts with a free quote, contact us today!

Signs You're Dealing With A Raccoon

It can be hard to tell if you are suffering from a wild animal problem such as raccoons, or if your home or property is attractive stray dogs or cats. Raccoons love to get into trash bins and also will make their home uninhabited, but clutter areas on residential or commercial property.

Get Rid Of Raccoons Today

If you spot a raccoon in your garbage, or if you notice them lurking around your property, it is a good idea to give us a call right away at (647) 372-0698. Raccoons are very intelligent and will return to a place where they find food and bring along their friends as well. Sometimes, they may even build a nest in an attic or garage if the area is left unattended on a regular basis.

Prime Pest Control Removes & Relocates Raccoons

Raccoons are the #1 wildlife control issue in the GTA, but it won't be YOUR issue any longer!
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Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and tend to dumpster dive during the night if they are living in the city. They can grow up to a size of 3 feet and have a soft and round body, which is generously covered with grayish color fur.

They have a few unique physical features. The area around their eyes is lined with black-colored fur and their tails have black rings printed on them. In nature, raccoons live in areas dense with woods and water sources nearby. Unfortunately, we have ruined their habitats by building homes and buildings where they used to live.

In nature, they make their cozy homes in hollowed-out tree stumps, holes, and burrows in the forest grounds, and gaps between huge rocks. Since there is less forestry in the city for them to live in, they look for warmth and safety in our homes and under our decks instead.

Professional Wildlife Control In The GTA

Raccoons can live for up to 12 years, so don't let them move

Raccoons are cute creatures that usually limit their wandering to wild areas, but they are equally known for paying a visit to people’s homes. These fuzzy bandits may only stop by occasionally, but if you notice they are a regular figure in your yard, it may be time to call in the professionals for help. Prime Pest Control offers quick and humane professional raccoon removal for both residential and commercial locations. Our human and eco-friendly pest removal services will keep your property safe from raccoons and also return them to the wild where they belong.

Our Other Pest Control Services

Professional raccoon removal services and the top pest control Toronto has to offer.

Our other services include:

Guaranteed Wildlife Removal & Relocation

Humane raccoon removal is one of our top services in Toronto because it is affordable and GUARANTEED.

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When you have raccoons that come to hang out in your yard or disturb your trash on a regular basis, it can quickly become a problem. Instead of waiting around for animal control, give Prime Pest Control a call instead. We will come out and humanely trap any raccoons on your property and relocate them in a humane manner. We will also work with you to prevent further raccoon invasions. Give Prime Pest Control a call at (647) 372-0698 today to set up an appointment and to remove raccoons permanently.


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With over 10 years in the pest control industry, Prime Pest Control has become known in the Greater Toronto Area for providing reliable pest control and wildlife control services. Whether you need animal control for raccoons, wildlife relocation, installation of a one way door, or help to find the entry points, we are here to help!


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