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Professional Snake Removal Services

Don't let snakes inside of your home or onto your property. Contact us today to humanely relocate them to another safe area instead.

Snakes incite fear in people due to their potentially dangerous nature. The vast majority of snakes are venomous although there are some snakes that are harmless. On average, there are just over 8,000 snake bites each year. While this may seem like a small number compared to the population, it is important to note that most of these bites occur in urban, heavily populated areas. Snakes usually only bite when provoked, but if they do attack, it can result in serious consequences for humans or animals. If you notice a single snake or even multiple snakes on your property, call the professionals here at (phone) for immediate removal.

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How To Get Rid Of Snakes

If you notice a single snake or multiple snakes on your property, we can help. Give us a call to set up an evaluation or an appointment for total snake removal. Our skilled team of wildlife experts will locate and capture the snakes on your property and release them back into the wild far away from your location.

Benefits Of Wildlife Control

We offer a range of ethical and human traps that will allow us to safely capture and relocate the snakes back into the wild. Our pest removal teal will also help eradicate their food source and set up deterrents to prevent further incursions. All of the commercial-grade deterrents are both eco-friendly and pet-friendly.

Signs You're Dealing With A Snake

If you see the shedded skin of a snake, then you know you have a new visitor at your address. Keep your doors closed until wildlife removal can relocate the reptile to a safe and far away location. To ensure you aren't dealing with an infestation, our team will provide an inspection of your home and yard as well.

Get Rid Of Snakes Today

We will also work with you to create a deterrent perimeter around your property to discourage further visits from slithery wildlife. You can reach us any time at (647) 372-0698, so pick up the phone and get rid of your snake problem now.

Prime Pest Control Removes & Relocates Snakes

Is your backyard full of snakes? Wildlife removal is a must! Call us today.
Baby Corn Snake

Snakes usually stick to the wild or areas uninhabited but humans, but those two areas can overlap on occasion. Snakes will migrate to other areas when they are looking for food or when they plan to lay eggs. Keep in mind, snakes are cold-blooded animals so they tend to stick to shaded areas and prefer to live in the same space as their source of food. For example, if there is a rich mouse, vole, or chipmunk population in an area, the chance is there will also be a healthy snake population.

Reliable Snake Control In The GTA

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Even if you are not fearful of snakes, it is important to leave their trapping and removal to the professionals. Snakes are aggressive when cornered and it is not always possible to tell if the snake is pregnant or if it has recently given birth. Certain types of snakes also are commonly found in groups. Professionals are able to identify the snake type, locate its den, and remove it safely without harm to themselves or the animal.

Our Other Wildlife Removal Services

Removing pests from your property is beneficial to your health, wallet, and property.

Our most popular pest control and wildlife removal services include:

Money Back Guarantee

Guaranteed Snake Removal Services

There are no benefits to being bitten by a snake. Hire professional wildlife removal technicians today.

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Snakes enjoy food-rich areas and also those that offer hiding spaces for nesting. It is important to keep your property free from rodents and other small pests so that there is little to no food to attract snakes to make a visit. You will also need to make sure that the crawl spaces and other tight spots are properly sealed to prevent nesting. Here at Prime Pest Control, we are trained, equipped, and ready to help you remove wild snakes from your property.


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