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Get Rid Of Spiders Fast

Spiders may move into your home, but that doesn't mean they have to stay there!

Getting help with a spider infestation in your home or business is as easy as placing a call to our experienced pest control team. While we do offer over-the-phone quotes for our spider and pest removal services, we also offer in-person evaluations.

This will allow us to properly assess the severity of the spider infestation and also enable us to properly identify the type of spider invading your space. We will customize a pest removal plan that targets the specific spiders on your property so that you can get the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will all be nothing more than a distant memory. Not only do we target the adult spiders, but we will also make sure to get any eggs or nests that may be lurking in hidden areas.

For an inspection and free quote, call us today at (647) 372-0698.

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Are Spiders Harmful?

Spiders are both helpful or toxic depending on the type. Many house spiders such as daddy long leg spiders don’t bite humans and spend their time catching flies and other insects instead. This is the most common species of spider in the Greater Toronto Area along with the tiny red spiders often found by pools of water.

Professional Spider Removal

The main sign of an infestation is actually spotting an increased number of spiders in areas that are commonly used by people. Spiders love dark, undisturbed areas so if they are hanging out in the same places you are, chances are their numbers are too high in their ideal resting places. Contact Prime Pest control for immediate spider extermination at (647) 372-0698

Signs Of A Spider Infestation

Spider infestations are both easy and difficult to spot. An occasional spider in your home or on your property is normal, but when you are running into spiders every other day, chances are, you are dealing with an infestation. High concentrations of old webs are another sign that you may be dealing with a spider infestation.

Get Rid Of Spiders Today

If you are ready to get rid of those spiders that are spinning webs all over your property, Prime Pest Control is here to help. Our skilled and highly trained team of pest removal specialists is able to spot, identify, and exterminate a wide range of insects including spiders. Say goodbye to those daddy-long legs once and for all with our guaranteed pest control solution.

Prime Pest Control Removes Spiders Quickly

Being afraid of them is enough reason to get rid of spiders from your home.
Daddy long legs

Simply call one of our exterminators or fill out our online form above to get a spray treatment for spiders done immediately. There isn't a single harmful chemical in our treatment, so it is eco-friendly, safe for pets, and safe for humans.

Generally, there are many harmless spiders commonly found in or around places where humans live such as basements, the cracks and crevices of walls, crawl spaces, attics, garages, and living in organic matter such as wood piles.

On the other side, there are spiders that are poisonous which can cause harm to both humans and pets. These types of spiders such as the brown recluse spiders, black widow spiders, and many others can pose a serious problem when they inhabit the same space as humans. Aside from spider bites, many people have a serious fear of spiders which can cause intense emotional distress.

Professional Spider Extermination In The GTA

With eight legs and a small body, spiders can be hard to trap without the

We will use eco-friendly and pet-safe products when treating your home for spiders so that you can get the peace you deserve without worrying about any negative side effects. Give us a call today at (647) 372-0698 to see how we can help. 

Our spray insecticide is safe for children as well after only a few hours. Once you call one of our friendly local exterminators for an inspection, we guarantee there will be no more webs in the corners of your house anymore! This insect is hard to find outdoors but easy to track and kill indoors. Our service guarantees the removal of egg sacs as well, so you don't end of with hundreds of baby spiders crawling around either.

Our Other Pest Control Services

Let us show you how to get rid of spiders once and for all by spraying their favourite surfaces.

Do you suffer from arachnophobia? Perhaps there are just too many spiders hanging out around your home or office? Either way, Prime Pest Control is here to help. Spiders are an essential part of our environment, but when they invade our personal space, sometimes we have to take steps to keep a spider infestation at bay. Depending on the type of spiders, it may be more of a safety issue than a simple fear of the eight-legged critters. Give us a call at (647) 372-0698 if you are being overrun by spiders and need our help.

We offer a range of services for other pests, including:

Guaranteed Spider Extermination

Don't spend another day trying to vacuum spider webs, a gross spider egg sac, or live spiders. Call us for professional spider control instead!

spider web

If you happen to encounter spiders in your living space or spiders in the basement and want to get rid of them, just give a call to Prime Pest Control services. We will remove the infestation from your lovely home, without causing you any hassle.

To prevent spiders from returning, frequently clean any surface that you can use a vacuum on. Most species of spiders kill prey (other insects like flies and ants) by setting traps for them to get stuck to. These sticky traps are also known as spider webs. Killing other insects for food can be helpful to us in terms of keeping other pests at bay, but no one wants too many spiders around either.


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