The Ultimate Guide To Visiting The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is also known by an interesting name: The Crystal Works. Located in the city of Toronto, Canada, Ontario is considered the largest museum of natural history and world culture in this country. This is also the 5th largest museum in North America with about 40 exhibition areas along with more than 6 million different artefacts. Join us to learn about this tourist destination.

Why should I visit the Royal Ontario Museum?

The Royal Ontario Museum (commonly known as the "ROM"), located on the northern edge of the University of Toronto campus, is a must-see for history aficionados. The ROM has amassed over six million objects since its founding in 1912, making it Canada's greatest museum of world cultures and natural history.

How to get there: Subway Museum Station

Overview of the Royal Ontario Museum

The museum was designed by world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind. ROM was one of the largest museum projects in the world at that time and also one of the most prominent and important cultural projects of Canada.

This museum was restored from a museum that was built in the 19th century. When the Royal Ontario Museum was completed, the city received groundbreaking architectural work. This can also be considered as a cultural masterpiece that makes a strong impression on the city of Toronto.

the royal ontario museum

The key point that makes this museum a unique work is the influence of innovation and tradition, of relationships from history to modern times. The museum has a unique architecture with folds and steep slopes in modern style combined with interwoven prisms. You will feel like you are admiring a work of art, not simply an ordinary giant building.

With a cost of up to $ 270 million, this work became one of the most expensive construction campaigns but also the most successful work ever in cultural museums in Canada.

With a steel structure covered with aluminium and glass combined with interlaced windows, the museum has impressed visitors from the outside. The museum is divided into two areas: the cultural history area and the natural history area. With more than 6 million artefacts, you will discover a lot about the past as well as the history of mankind, the ups and downs from the past to the current day or the conquest of nature by mankind.

ROM has up to 12 parts from the natural history area. These are entomology, botany, ichthyology, herpetology, mammals, invertebrates, mineralogy, geology, palaeontology of vertebrates living, palaeontology of invertebrates, ornithology, mycology. In the main hall, there is also a display of dinosaur fossils that have been found.

A cultural history area is a gathering place for archaeological research along with artefacts associated with cultures around the world such as Europe, Egypt, Africa, the Near East, Rome... Come to the galleries in Here, you will have a more general and overview view of Chinese sculpture and temple art, the arts and crafts of West Asia, the history of the textile industry in the region…

Toronto and the royal ontairo museum

It can be said that the Royal Ontario Museum is the museum that accounts for more than 80% of the exhibits among museums around the country. This is a destination that you should not miss in your journey to discover Canada. If you have the opportunity to visit this country, do not miss to visit the revolutionary architectural work of designer Libeskind!

Information to know if you want to travel ROM

  • A ticket to the ROM cost is 14-23 CA$
  • Visitors can enjoy free general entry to the ROM's collections and galleries on 3rd Monday Nights Free. Featured exhibitions will require special tickets.
  • People usually spend time in ROM is approximately 3-4 hours

Is the ROM free for students?

Every Wednesday, full-time students enrolled in a post-secondary institution (college or university) in Canada are eligible for free General Admission. Students must reserve timed tickets in advance by sending an email to with their name, phone number, postal code, visit date and time, and school name.

Are backpacks allowed in the ROM?

To avoid damaging museum items, large backpacks must be carried at your side. Backpacks expand your personal space when worn, increasing the chances of an accident. Collapsible umbrellas are allowed as long as they can fit in a pocket or a small bag. Umbrellas of any size are not permitted at the Museum.

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What should I bring to the museum?

  • Checklist of what to bring to the little museum Bag. Lunch on the go.
  • Payment/Spending Money at the Planetarium. Donation
  • Letter of Confirmation and Timetable Groups that have been designated.
  • Bucket of Sickness If the weather is beautiful, you may want to spend some time outside on our front lawn, either for enjoyment or to have your lunch.

Can you take pictures at the Royal Ontario Museum?

Photography shoots at the ROM need the presence of a member of the Communications Department and are planned during regular business hours on weekdays.

What should I wear to the Met Museum?

Wear whatever you're most at ease in. Remember that they are strongly airconditioned, so you may want to wear a sweater or pants instead of shorts even if it is hot outdoors.

Can you wear shorts to a museum?

Even if you are not dressed in a professional business or smart casual attire, you will be allowed to enter the National Institutions. Tourists are permitted to wear jeans or khaki shorts and plain shirts as long as they maintain a respectable appearance.

the royal ontario museum in 1922

Do museums have dress codes?

As a visitor, museums often do not have a dress code. Getting dressed, on the other hand, is a part of the adventure! You'll almost certainly take pictures, meet people, and eat something before or afterwards. All of these are solid reasons to put your best foot forward and flaunt your originality in your attire.

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