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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Art Gallery of Mississauga

The Art Gallery of Mississauga was founded in 1987. It is a public and not for profit art gallery. It presents thought provoking, contemporary exhibitions featuring artists from all over the world.

Where is Art Gallery of Mississauga located?

It is located in the Civic Centre building. The gallery is in the ground floor of the building. The Civic centre is on the Celebration Square. It is close to Living Arts Centre and Square One Mall.


Street parking and underground parking are available.

Street Parking

You can park in metered on – street parking near the gallery. It is around CA$1 per hour in Mississauga. Parking limit is two hours. The daytime parking timings are between 8 AM and 6 PM.

Underground Parking

The underground parking is mostly for the employees and regular visitors of Civic Centre. It is difficult to get a parking lot here as it is occupied by the monthly permit holders all the time.

What are the Gallery hours?

  •   Saturday and Sunday: 12 PM to 4 PM
  •   Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10 AM to 5 PM
  •   Thursday: 10 AM to 8 PM
  •   Closed on Monday and Holidays

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Is there a wash room in the Gallery?

Yes. There is a gender neutral wash room in the gallery. Apart from this, you can also use the common wash rooms of Civic centre building.

How to reach Mississauga Art Gallery from Toronto?

If you are planning to visit the gallery by car, first take Highway 10 and then take Highway 403 from Toronto. The landmark of the destination is Mississauga City Centre. If you are taking a bus from Toronto, take line 21. It is a 32 minutes ride in bus. The bus ticket is around $6 to $9. The Art Gallery offers free bus service from Toronto. However, the free services are only for selected openings.

How to reach Mississauga Art Gallery from Hamilton?

It takes 36 minutes to reach Mississauga from Hamilton by car. There are taxis available. Also there are direct buses from Hamilton. Take bus line 47.This is a direct bus. Else take bus line 41 from GO Centre Bus Station. Get down at Square One Stop. From there take bus line 20. The bus travel takes 50 minutes. You can catch a bus to Mississauga from GO Centre Bus Station in Hamilton.

Where can I stay in Mississauga?

Mississauga has hotels for all kinds of tourists. There are five star hotels, luxury suites and also economical average rate hotels. The average cost is around $60 to $500. You can find good hotels in Square One Shopping Centre.

Nearest Railway Station

Cooksville.It takes 28 minutes to walk from Cooksville to Mississauga Art Gallery.


Landmark to Google

The best Landmark to find the gallery on Google is Mississauga City Centre. Google this landmark to reach the gallery. You can then enquire the shops nearby to reach the gallery. The gallery is very close to the city centre.

Best Eateries near Mississauga Art Gallery

Rogues restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants near the gallery. They are famous for their house – made pasta. Also, their carnivorous delicacies such as tender filet of camel are the must – haves. Their timings are as follows:

  •   Closed on Monday
  •   Tuesday and Wednesday: 5 PM to 9 PM
  •   Thursday: 12 PM to 9 PM
  •   Friday: 12 PM to 10 PM
  •   Saturday: 5 PM to 10 PM
  •   Sunday: 4 PM to 9 PM

Guru Lakshmi offers Indian Cuisines. It is famous for its divine dosas. It is one of the busiest restaurants of Mississauga. You will need a reservation to visit the place. So be prepared. They have special onion free food for Jain and Hindu community.

Best Street food to try near Mississauga Art Gallery

Szechuan Noodles. The décor of the noodle bowl looks Spartan. It is a spicy dish. Do not forget to ask for radish pickles to heat up the taste of the dish.

Nearest Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport is the nearest airport to Mississauga Art Gallery.

What are the public transit options?

GO Transit and MiWay are the two public transit services that connect Mississauga and Toronto. GO transit provides both bus and train services. The Lakeshore West Train line connects Mississauga and Toronto. The train line is open 18 hours a day with train frequency of 30 minutes. Also, GO Transit provides bus services between Mississauga and Port Credit, Long Branch, Clarkson stations. MiWay provides bus services between Islington subway station and Square One (Mississauga city centre).

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Taxi rates in Mississauga

On an average the taxi rates start at $4.25. Additional $1.75 per kilometre is charged. Some other taxis charge $0.50 per minute. There are several taxis from Pearson airport. The popular taxi operators are Black Cab, Blue and White taxi, Golden city taxi and peel taxi.

What are the traditional Canadian foods to try near the Gallery?

Butter tarts and Poutine are considered as the national dishes of Canada. Poutines is a type of French fries. It is topped with a brown gravy and cheese curds. Butter tart is a sweet tart.

Entry Fees

The Art Gallery of Mississauga allows free admissions. No entry fees is collected from the tourists. The gallery is sponsored by Canada Council of Arts and Ontario Arts Council.

Kids activities near Mississauga Art Gallery

Art gallery is certainly boring to kids. You can take your kids to Square One Shopping Centre after your gallery visit. Or you can also accommodate them in the Central Library. Central Library is in the same Civic building as that of the gallery. The library has a separate kids section supervised by friendly care takers.

About the Gallery

Mississauga is filled with diverse cultural demographics. There are people who speak Hindi, Vietnamese, Urudu, Polish, Mandarin, Punjabi and Mandarin. The gallery aims to connect these varied demographics to contemporary art practices. The programs of the gallery address all forms of social landscape Mississauga.

What to expect in the gallery?

The initiatives of Mississauga Art Gallery include varied themes. They include how the Mississauga art contributes to the Canadian art, relationship between Canada and its colonial past, how uncomfortable was the colonial Canada, how are communities gaining interest in social sustainability and also about the Mississauga people.

Driving Directions by car:

Driving Directions by public transit:

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