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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Wave Pool

The Wave Pool of Richmond Hill is located at 5 Hopkins Street. This pool features an indoor wave pool and a water slide.

The wave pool offers unparalleled fun and you are sure to get hooked when you give a visit. This aquatic facility contains some great facilities and attractions for visitors. It is not just the wave pool alone; it comes with a few other fun facilities too that you can enjoy.

These facilities include;

  • The wave pool
  • A therapeutic pool section
  • Water basketball
  • On-deck Sauna
  • A 100 feet waterslide
  • Experienced Lifeguards
  • Warm water swirl pool

Visiting the Wave Pool needs to be on your must-do list when you visit Richmond Hill. The pool is completely safe and is monitored by experienced lifeguards. Moreover, you can also connect to the free Wi-Fi connection that the facility provides. Moreover, there are male, female, and family change rooms available at the facility that you utilize. As a part of the safety protocols, you are also provided with lifejackets.

Transit to The Wave Pool

Here’s how you can reach the wave pool;

  • Buses 098/099, 99, 61 to stop - Yonge St. @ Elmwood Ave.
  • Buses 004A, 589, 25, 4 to stop - Major Mackenzie Dr / Atkinson St

Keep in mind that the pool timing is 11:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Things To Do at The Wave Pool

There are plenty of fun activities that you can engage in at the wave pool. You can, of course, take a dip in the wave pool itself. Moreover, you can also enjoy the warm water swirl and come shrieking down the 100 ft waterslide. Not only this, but you can also get rid of all the stiffness in your muscles in the therapeutic pool section.

Pool area overview in The Wave Pool in Richmond Hill, Ontario

You can also play water basketball with your friends in the pool and have a fun time. Furthermore, you can lounge on the water mats and soak in the calming warm water of the swirl pool. You also get to relax your bones on the on-deck sauna and the recliner chairs.

You can opt to go to the wave pool any time of any season because it’s open year-round. Make your time with friends and family memorable with some leisure time in the water.

If you go with your family, your kids can enjoy the mats, toys, the water basketball net, and of course the free Wi-Fi.

Moreover, one of the best perks of the facility is that you can opt for private pool rentals.

There are various activities and programs that the facility offers to everyone.

  1. The facility offers swimming programs to preschool, children, teens, and adults. It also includes a lifesaving and leadership program. All you have to do is create a personalized account, find your desired program and add it to your wish list. After you add the programs to your wish list, you have to log back in and register on registration day.
  2. The Wave Pool facility also offers Recreational Swimming where you can go for Drop-In swimming by registering a day or two before your desired visit date. Moreover, to benefit from the recreational swimming at the facility, you can also get a Swim Membership or a 10-visit punch card. This program type also includes further recreational activities. You can opt for a
  • Women-Only Swim,
  • Fun ‘N’ Fit Swim,
  • Women’s Lane Swim
  • Lane Swim
  • Leisure Swim
  • Older Adult Swim
  • Private Rental
  • Wave Swim

Pool area with peoople in The Wave Pool in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Do keep in mind that swim time is limited to one hour only.

  1. You can also entertain your friends and family with a birthday party package. Your birthday package can include your desired themes and locations. You can invite up to 20 people to your party, while additional invitations will cost you a dollar and fifty cents each. Your wave pool party can be a fun time of swirling in the pools and enjoying the therapeutic section of the pool. You can utilize the facilities for two and a half hours.

The people who frequent the wave pool offer great reviews. The staff at the facility is helpful and experienced. The facility is also very clean and very organized. Moreover, it is also price effective and affordable for friends and family to have a fun time. There is also plenty of seating for adults accompanying the kids taking swimming lessons.

One of the best perks is that you can enjoy a warm swim in the winter and a refreshingly cold swim in the summers.

The parking outside the wave pool facility at Richmond Hill is quite spacious and free.

Great Places in the Neighborhood

The Wave Pool also offers a great neighborhood to visitors. Here is a list of every amazing place near the Wave Pool.

  • The CN tower has a revolving restaurant
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada where you can witness various marine species. The aquarium also holds classes and events.
  • Canada’s Wonderland, the huge amusement park with roller coasters
  • The Royal Ontario Museum offers quite a range of nature and culture exhibits
  • Rogers Center, which is a stadium famous for hosting baseball games
  • The Toronto Zoo, home to a wide range of animals, is also a great spot in the Wave Pool’s neighborhood
  • The Casa Lom with its beautiful and picturesque seasonal gardens
  • You can also visit the Distillery Historic District with its amazing shops and great restaurants
  • The Silver City Richmond Hill Cinemas that chain show indie films and blockbusters
  • The Rouge National Urban Park with its diverse landscapes.

The Wave Pool is definitely a must-visit spot for all seasons. Whether you wish to avoid the freezing cold or the sweltering heat, you can go to the wave pool to swim, play, relax, and have fun. From lounging on mats to soaking in the warm water of the swirl, you can definitely have a great day at the wave pool. An absolutely relaxing place to visit with your friends or family.