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The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Mississauga Valley Park

The Mississauga Valley Park has a huge garden, trails and one of the largest community centres in Canada. There are baseball courts, picnic areas, tennis court, football field and pickle ball court. The Valley Park also has space for playing volleyball, soccer, softball. There is a huge playground in the park.

Opening and Closing time

The park is open between 8 AM and 11 PM throughout the week.

How to reach Mississauga Valley Park?

The bus lines such as 26, 53 and 8 pass through Mississauga Valley Park.

What are the stations near Mississauga Valley Park?

  •   Mississauga Valley Boulevard
  •   Mississauga Valley Boulevard North of Central Park Way
  •   Burnhamthorpe Road East
  •   Mississauga Valley Blvd at Central Park Way

Which is the nearest train station?

Cooksville Go. It takes 27 minutes to walk from Cooksville station to Mississauga Valley Park.

What is the nearest bus stop?

Mississauga Valley Boulevard

First and last bus

The bus running on line 3 is the first bus in Mississauga Valley Park. It reaches by 3 in the morning. The last bus to leave Mississauga Valley Park is 26 and it arrives at Mississauga at 3 AM.

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First and last train

The first train to Mississauga arrives at 6:30 AM. The last train to leave Mississauga is at 7:38 PM.

What to expect in the Community Centre in the Park?

The community centre has enough room for recreational exercises. It has fitness centre, recreational pool and a therapy pool. Also, the centre has a library, meeting rooms for get together, exercise room, room for conducting games and ice field.

Is Cycling allowed in the trails of Mississauga Valley Park?


Are dogs allowed in the park?

Yes. All pet animals are allowed in the park.

Can I plan for a picnic in the park?

Yes. It is one of the best places to plan a calm family picnic. You need not get special permission to plan a picnic in the park.

Can I bring homemade food?

Yes. Outside foods are allowed in the park. You can also order your food.

Trail in Mississauga Valley Park

The park trail runs along river beds, work roads, marshes, and community centre. It is one of the few trails in Mississauga that runs through natural and urban settings.

Is the park fun to kids?

Yes. The park has nice play grounds for kids.

Are kids play items allowed inside the park?



Is it good to visit the park in winter?

The park is completely covered in snow during winters. And therefore, it is the right place if your kids like playing in snow. Make snow man along with your kids and spend a good family time.

Can I swim in the river?

The park has a small stream. The water is not deep enough for swimming. However, there are private pools at the community centre in the park.

Is the park good for wedding photographs?

The park has huge trees and very few bushes. The ground is filled with grass. There are no flowers or picturesque landscape for photographs. The park is mainly meant for sports related activities. It is not a good place for wedding photographs.

Does the community centre provide sports accessories?

No. You have to bring your own.

Is the park good for toddlers and babies?

Yes. You can engage your toddlers in the green grass. Also, there are jumping swings. You can certainly take your babies along the shady trails.

Can I organise family sports in the park?

Yes. Invite your close family members and spend quality time organising quality games. You need not get any prior permission to organise family games in the park.

Entry fees

There are no entry fees.

What can I do in Mississauga Valley Park?

Outdoor games, tennis, walking, cycling, running, jogging, yoga, picnic, etc.

Is there Wi – Fi facility in the park?


Can I take my dogs in the trails of Mississauga Valley Park?


Holding flowers at Mississauga Valley Park

How long is the Mississauga Valley Park trial?

2.10 miles

What activities are allowed in the trails of Mississauga Valley Park?

Mountain biking, skiing, hiking, cycling

Opening and Closing of Mississauga Valley Park Trail

The trail in the park is open throughout the year and 24/7.

Is the trail crowded?

The trail is crowded during holidays. However, after a mile the crowd thins down. Walk deep into the woods to reach a quiet spot and spend some aloof time.

How long does it take to walk the entire trail?

53 minutes

Are there ducks and other animals in the park?


Is night camping allowed in the park?


Can I play golf in Mississauga Valley Park?


Is there a spray pad in Mississauga Valley Park?

Yes. However, currently there are COVID restrictions in operating the area. Spray pads are nothing but splash parks. It includes sprinklers, nozzles and fountains.

Flowers blooming in trees at Mississauga Valley Park

Best Vegan restaurants near Mississauga Valley Park

There are very few restaurants in Mississauga that serve vegan dishes. Zen Gardens is one of the best and economical vegan restaurants in Mississauga. They specialise in Chinese cuisine. Most of their dishes follow vegan diet. Veggie Flames is another vegan restaurant. It is located near Toronto Airport. It has Jain – friendly foods, that is, no onion and no garlic. Their best delicacies are burgers, pizza, lasagne, gyros, and smoothies. They also specialise in Indian cuisines such as samosas, biryani and aloo tikki. Raw Aura is another long standing vegan restaurant. It is located in Port Credit. The restaurant is famous for soups, appetizers, salads, zoodles and tantalizing desserts.

Best Breweries in Mississauga

Stonehooker Brewing Company is one of the best brewing companies in the city. They offer traditional beers from Belgium, England, and Germany. Also, they serve fruit beers, IPAs and sours. They also have BBQ facilities. They also have vegan cheese. The Old Credit Brewing Company is another famous brewery in the city. They brew beer in fire heated copper vessels. They use specialty hops from Europe and Canadian Malt. Do not forget to try their specialties, which is pale pilsner, amber ale and holiday honey.

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