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The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Mississauga Celebration Square

The Celebration Square at Mississauga is an outdoor civic center. It is spread over 290,000 square foot. The special attractions of the square are amphitheater, garden, ice skating or fountain, stone path, canopies, and benches. There are two large digital screens (15' x 28’).


Mississauga Celebration Square has a paid parking. It is free on weekends. Also, parking is free after 6 PM on weekdays. Also, parking lots at Burnhamthorpe can be reserved through Mississauga Celebration Square. Apart from this, there are street parking facilities outside the square.

How to get to Mississauga Celebration Square from Toronto?

Take 21 Bus line. Get off at Princess Royal. It is just outside Square One.

What are the closest stations?

  •   City centre is at 2 minutes’ walk and is at a distance of 109 meters from Square One
  •   Living Arts – 2 minutes’ walk – 139 meters

Which is the nearest train station?

Cooksville Go Station. It is 2,574 meters away. It takes 33 minutes to walk from the station to the square.

Is Alcohol allowed in Celebration Square?

Yes.Alcohol is permitted in government held celebrations. Alcohol in private events depends on the event organizer. The event organizer should get “Special Occasion Permit”. The permit holder is held responsible for the safety of the people attending the event.

Washroom facilities

Washrooms are located in the upper square and also in the central library. Portable washrooms are arranged during large events.

Opening and closing Time of Ice Rink in the Centre

Ice rinks are enclosed area meant for exhibitions, contests, ice shows and skating. The operating time of Ice Rink at the Celebration Square is as follows:

  •   Sunday to Thursdays: 10 AM to 9 PM
  •   Friday and Saturday: 10 AM to 10 PM

The rink is temporarily closed during warm days. You can call 905-615-3200 to enquire about its opening. You can also visit the live webcam to learn about the crowd in the rink.

What are the skate rentals?

The skate rental prices are as follows”

  •   Skate sharpening: 8 Canadian Dollars
  •   Helmet: 5 Canadian Dollars
  •   Skates: 10 Canadian Dollars

Mississauga Celebration Square

What are the skating hours?

  •   Monday to Thursday: 4 PM to 9 PM
  •   Friday: 4 PM to 10 PM
  •   Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Are safety lockers available at the square?


Is Wi – Fi free at the square?


Are there food stalls and vendors at the square?

Yes. You will get all kinds of cuisines.

Is wheelchair accessible at the square?


Fountain at the Celebration Square

The fountain was closed due to COVID. Currently, the fountain is open all seven days between 10 AM and 8 PM. However, only 60 people are allowed to use the fountain at one time. A 20 minutes time slot procedure has been brought in. That is, a person can use the fountain only for 20 minutes. This fountain becomes the ice rink in winter.

Queen’s Jubilee Garden

It is a green space located in the Upper Square. It is a good shaded resting area for visitors.

Is outside food allowed in the square?

No. You can only buy food from the stalls inside the celebration square. You cannot order food from outside or bring your own food.

Is smoking allowed in the square?


Can I take my dog?

Yes. Only domesticated dogs and cats are allowed. If you want to bring other pet animals you will have to get special permission from the Mississauga Celebration Square administrators.

How to get permission to bring other animals to the square?

Special permission is required to bring animals other than dogs and cats to the square. Ask your event organizer to get the permission. The event organizer should submit a request 30 days prior to the event. The requisition should include the following details:

  •   Name of the species
  •   Plan to tether and house the species
  •   Plan to clean the animal waste

However, other animals are not allowed in government organized public events.

Is drone photography allowed in Celebration Square?

No. You can use drones only by getting special permissions. The permits are authorized by Transport Canada.

celebration square in Mississauga

New Year Party at Celebration Square

The square is famous for the grand New Year party held annually. More than a million gather at the square to participate in the celebrations. Concerts, fireworks, sports, and several other events are organized. Outdoor skates with music are also organized.

Road closure during grand events at Square

During grand events where millions are expected to participate, major roads around the square are closed. The usual roads that are closed are as follows:

  •   Burnhamthorpe road West
  •   Living Arts Drive
  •   Princess Royal Drive
  •   Duke of York Boulevard

Almost every bus and train runs to the square during such times. So it is advisable to use public transport. Park your vehicle near a train station or bus station and board a train or bus. Also, the Civic Centre underground parking and other available parking lots in the region will be closed during such grand celebrations.

Are balloons allowed in the square?

Yes. However, helium – filled balloons are not allowed. Only air – filled balloons are allowed.

Can I bring candles?

No. Candles are prohibited at Celebration Square. However, you can bring LED candles and light sticks.

Are Carnival rides available at Celebration Square?

No. Carnival rides are prohibited. There are no amusement rides even during grand public events.

Why should I visit Celebration Square?

The city of Mississauga is famous for its diversity in culture. The public events at Celebration Square are a great place to learn new about the heritage of countries such as Japan and Egypt. The open air movies and air concerts are great attractions. You can enjoy the taste of different food cuisines. The skating rinks and fountain in summer are best for those wishing to spend a quality time with family and kids.

Entry Fees

No entry fees are collected to enter the outdoor entertainment space. Also, no entry fees is collected for grand public events hosted by the Government.  However, this does not apply to private events held at the square.

Driving Directions by car:

Driving Directions by public transit:

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