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The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Kariya Park

The Kariya Park is a Japanese Garden located on Mississauga. It is famous for its Cherry Blossoms. The park is named after the Kariya city of Japan. The Kariya city is the sister city to Mississauga. The park was opened in 1992 to celebrate the 11th anniversary of twin sister city relationship between Kariya and Mississauga. The park is located near Square One, one of the largest shopping malls of Mississauga.


You can use street parking facilities available outside the park. However, the parking lots fill in quickly. So you may park in Square One Shopping Mall and walk from there. The other nearby parking facilities is at City Centre, Arista Way, 215 Enfield Place, Duke of York Blvd, 201 City Centre Dr. There are 715 parking spaces available at 201 City Centre. The cost of parking here is CA$1 per hour and CA$6.00 for 24 hours. There are 100 parking spaces at Enfield Place. The cost of parking here is CA$7.00 for 24 hours.

What are the closest stations to Kariya Park?

Cooksville train station is 1832 metres away and is 24 minutes’ walk.  The nearby bus stops are as follows:

  •   Kariya Dr located at Enfield Place is at two minutes’ walk. It is at a distance of 85 metres.
  •   Burnhamthorpe road at Kariya Drive 274 metres away and is four minutes’ walk.
  •   Burnhamthorpe road at Kariya gate is 338 metres away and is five minutes’ walk.
  •   Duke of York is 630 metres away and is 9 minutes’ walk.

What are the bus lines running along Kariya Park?

103, 3, 26

  •   The bus line 103 runs between Queensway and Brampton Gateway Terminal. The first bus starts at 4:40 AM and the last bus service on the line is at 10:51 PM.
  •   The bus line 3 runs between City Centre and Kipling Terminal Platform. It operates 24/7.
  •   The bus line 26 runs between South Common Mall Bus Terminal and Kipling Terminal. It operates 24/7.

What is the nearest train station?

Cooksville Go Station. It is located at 24 minutes’ walk.

Which is the nearest bus stop to Kariya Park?

Kariya Dr at Enfield Place

First and last train

The first train arrives at 6:32 AM. The last train is at 7:38 PM.

Nearest Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport

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Opening Timings of the Park

The park is opened between 7 AM and 9 PM.

Are dogs allowed in the park?

No, pets are not allowed in the park.

Nearest gas station

The gas stations are at a distance of seven to eight kilometres from the park.

Washrooms in Kariya Park

Separate male and female washrooms are located across the Customer Service Desk.

Are food items allowed inside the park?


Are there any food stalls inside the park?


Can I carry water bottles?


Can I camp inside the park?


Which is the best time to visit the park?

April end or mid – May. Because the cherry blossoms in the park bloom to their fullest during this time.

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What to expect?

Lush Cherry Blossoms, calm wild ducks, singing birds, squirrels playing in the trees, Stone sculptures

Tsukubai Basin in Kariya Park

It is located near the main gate. It is a small cup shaped basin made of stone. In Japan, these basins are meant to wash hands before entering a religious place. Japanese believe that this purifies the visitors.

Large pond and a bridge

There is a large pond in the park. There are turtles, ducks, fish, Canada Geese in the pond. A bridge runs across the pond. You can walk down the shady path along the pond. The pond reflects the high buildings so beautifully. The scenery along the walk is beautiful and relaxing. The bridge is enclosed by clean water and trees and is perfect for a click.

Trail in Kariya Park

The trail in the park is ideal to bust out work pressure. It is calm and relaxing. The trail is ideal for nature lovers. You can hear the pond water gurgling all through the trail. The green surrounding in the trail is refreshing.

Stone sculptures

There are several stone sculptures located all over the park. However, the statue of friendship is special and is eye catching. This sculpture depicts a girl and a boy. They sit side by side affectionately. The specialty of the sculpture lies in their eyes. Their eyes speak out their affection towards each other. The statue is a portrayal of friendship between Kariya city and Mississauga.

South Pond and Turtle rock

The south pond is another pond. You will have to walk a little bit to reach this pond. There turtle rock in the pond is its major attraction. The turtle rock illustrates a turtle trying to come out of water.

Zen Garden in Kariya Park

The Zen Garden is the best place to meditate. The garden has raked patterns on the ground. This pattern is believed to cam the souls visiting the garden. The garden is designed to bring you close to nature.

Cherry Blossoms at kariya park mississauga

Cherry Blossoms in the Park

The Cherry Blossoms begin to bloom by May. However, it depends on the weather. The trees at the entrance bloom later than those inside the park. The Cherry Blossom festival in Japan is centuries old.

What is Cherry Blossom?

Cherry Blossom is a flower. They are Japanese cherry. The blooming of Cherry flowers marks the beginning of Spring. The Cherry Blossom trees were once endemic to Japan.

Trees in the Park

The park has many trees of Japanese origin. The Ginkgo tree of Japan is lines in the entrance of the park. The other Japanese trees in the park are Peonies, Redbud, Sweetgum and Japanese Maple.

Friendship Bell in the park

There are two Japanese style building in the park. There is a Friendship bell located in the middle of the buildings. The bell represents the friendship between Kariya city and Mississauga. The bell was donated by Kariya city in 2001. It is bronze bell. Iris flowers are engraved on the bell. The bell also has the symbol of Kariya city.

Driving Directions by Car:

Driving Directions by public transit:

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