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The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Casa Loma

Casa Loma Castle is an ancient castle designed by the famous architect E.J. Lennox designed and built-in Toronto, Canada in 1911 - 1914. This fascinating and famous museum attracts a large number of visitors to visit and learn.

Overview of Casa Loma

Casa Loma Castle is a love gift that Major General Sir Henry Mill Pellatt gave to his beloved wife, Mary Pellatt. With its magnificent beauty and a witness of time as well as historical events, the castle has been the scene of many blockbusters and tourists to Canada.

Casa Loma Castle is designed in a sophisticated Gothic style by famous architect E.J. Lennox designed and built-in Toronto, Canada in 1911 - 1914. The total cost to build the castle cost about 5 million USD, calculated at present, this amount is 65 million USD. The project involved 300 workers to build and complete the castle in a short time, making the castle the most romantic symbol of love in Canada. The castle is 3 floors high, has a total of 98 rooms, with modern and luxurious furniture.

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However, the life of Sir Henry M. Pellatt and his wife was not satisfactory. The two lived in the Casa Lomo castle for less than 10 years. In 1924, the couple had to sell their entire estate, because of the effects of the war and could not afford to pay taxes. Towards the end of his life, Sir Henry M. Pellat breathed his last at home in poverty. Casa Loma Castle has since gone through many owners, at times it was abandoned on a lonely hillside.

World War II happened, Casa Lomo castle became a secret research place of the British army, which research contributed significantly to the victory of the Allies. There were times when Toronto experienced a pandemic, fire, and Casa Lomo castle was the residence of many city dwellers.

No matter what happens, Casa Loma castle is still standing here, to witness the city of Toronto, to be a witness to many changes and changes.

Casa Loma was chosen as the setting in movies like Chicago, Cocktail and X-Men… All rooms are luxuriously and elegantly designed. The winding paths next to the large garden with countless lush green groves make the castle even more attractive. Today, the castle is used to store and display classic collections.

Visitors will be amazed by the impressive green and airy scenery at Estate Gardens. Not only that, but you can also enjoy delicious food in aristocratic style, dance with Summer Music Series, or enjoy unique moments of Ghost Tracking. The best time to visit this magnificent castle is from May to October every year.

Explore the unique architecture of Casa Loma

The first thing that visitors cannot help but admire is the unique Gothic architecture. The intricately carved details of the castle are always a special attraction.

Toronto tourists visiting the castle can take a relaxing stroll and admire the beautiful interior located in the beautiful garden of 5 acres. There is also a tunnel connecting the Hunting Lodge and The Stables for visitors to explore.

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It is a great experience to enjoy Edith Piaf's music in the castle with images of the city of Toronto. Delicious dishes, fine wines, unique architecture and captivating vocals. It was the night that guests were immersed in the nostalgia of the past with the performance of the Toronto Concert Orchestra.

Today, the Casa Loma castle has become a vast museum. It is surrounded by a very beautiful natural garden, attracting many visitors. With beautiful architecture, the rooms are decorated luxuriously but equally elegantly. The winding paths, the fresh gardens attract more and more curiosity in the hearts of tourists, wanting to explore this place more. This is also a place to display classic collections from many different fields.

FAQs when travelling to Casa Loma

How much does Casa Loma cost?

General Admission Tickets

  • Adults (18 – 64): $30 ($26.55 + HST)
  • Seniors (65+): $25 ($22.12 + HST)
  • Children (4-13): $20 ($17.70 + HST)

Can you see Casa Loma without paying?

You can't get into the gardens unless you first pay for admission to the building. The gates to the gardens are always padlocked unless there is a fire or other significant emergency. The grounds are part of Casa Loma, and they will not allow unrestricted access to the building only to walk through the gardens.

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Can you sleep at Casa Loma?

The villas, which are placed on the north and south sides of the main structure, may accommodate up to 6 people, including children. Single and triple rooms with walkouts to the lake level are available in the villas on Casa Loma's northern side.

Can you take pictures in Casa Loma?

Yes, you are allowed to photograph within the tunnels, the castle, and the towers.

Does Casa Loma have WIFI?

A free one-day Wi-Fi connection is available in an isolated concrete pit in the Casa Loma campus's basement.

What is Family Hour at Casa Loma?

For smaller children, I recommend the Family Hours, which run from 5 to 6:30 p.m., because it is earlier in the evening when it is less dark, and there are no live performers. What is the location of the entrance? Legends of Horror is reached by entering the lower gardens through the gate at Davenport and Walmer Rd.

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How do I get to Casa Loma by subway?

Travel the Yonge line to St. Clair station. Take the St. Clair streetcar west to Spadina Road (5-minute ride—due to construction, this service is currently provided by buses), get off, and walk south on Spadina Road to Casa Loma (about a 10-minute walk).

Note: Avoid paying the $15 parking by parking on Castle View Avenue instead.

Driving Directions by Car:

Driving Directions by public transit:

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