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The Ultimate Guide To Visiting MacLaren Art Centre

MacLaren Art Centre is an ideal house of arts in downtown Barrie. It contains over 26,000 wonderful pieces of art.

This art gallery not only showcases a wide range of talent through exhibitions but also motivates and encourages other artists to show their work through the art exhibitions. Different visual art activities and programs are held throughout the year to stimulate the creativity of the mind.


It has different galleries showing drawing and sketching collections and much more. There is a room that is used for tours and lectures and a room that is used for different purposes.

A cafeteria is a relaxing place that offers different choices in sandwiches, salads, soups, and drinks.

Things to do at MacLaren Art Centre:

  1. Art Programs:

It is one of the best places for adults and children. Different art programs are held throughout the year to introduce different talents from different regions of the world. Art programs, and art classes stimulate the creativity of every person.

  1. Family Sundays:

Family Sundays are offered between September and June at the Gallery. Different families participate to create and complete different projects.

So it is a perfect chance to develop creative skills in your child in your supervision and create colorful memories along with a super fun time.

  1. W-Edge:

Wednesdays are for edgy arts. Youngsters between 14 to 18 years old come and show off their creativity in the art studio.

Visual arts bring a variety of ideas and different projects to explore. It keeps the mind engaged and encourages to creation of something different and beautiful.

  1. Youth Halloween Coffeehouse:

The annual Halloween coffeehouse is organized every year. Dress up in your Halloween costume and enjoy wonderful crafts, arts, and performances at this place.

This event is enjoyable for kids of all ages. The live performances help to explore the local talent and promote it.

  1. VanGo Gallery:

MaclarenVango Programmes are the best opportunities for the students to explore their creativity with professionals in the art studio. More than twenty-eight Vango programs are held to encourage and explore the creative abilities of children.

  1. Art Rental And Sales:

The Maclarenart center introduces new creative ideas from different fields of life. It also offers rental and sale programs by providing first-class artwork for your office and home.

Its wide variety of amazing and inspiring artwork will give you different choices and options to get prints of limited editions of artwork. Different artists including Frances Thomas and Joe Fafard are permanent artists of this gallery.

MacLaren also provides a free consultation service to solve your queries about getting artwork for rental and sales programs.

Group of people doing art at MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie OH

Booking An Event:

In this beautiful place, you can also book your event. The natural lights, windows, and high ceilings of the building will make your event more remarkable and impressive. The wedding ceremonies, school parties, and birthday parties will be more impressive at this place. You can also spend an interactive afternoon with your children at this place by booking an event.

Its main floor is considered to be the best place for cocktail parties and other ceremonies or smaller business parties.

Visitor Services of Maclaren Art Centre:

  •   To protect and save the items displayed in the galleries. You are not allowed to touch the objects. Listen to the staff carefully and make sure that you are not going against any rules.
  •   Taking photographs for any illegal is not allowed. However, for any commercial uses, you would not be allowed to take photographs. You can also see the signs where taking pictures is strictly restricted.
  •   Visitors can showcase their sketching abilities in the exhibition but only with pencils.
  •   Free tours to galleries are offered only on weekends from 10 am to 4 pm. You can also book a gallery tour for your school, family, or any other event.
  •   The environment of the gallery is family-friendly and the families are also advised to make it peaceful so that others may not get disturbed. You can seek any staff member if you need any help regarding the staff exhibition.

MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie ON

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the opening hours of the Gallery?

It opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm every Monday to Friday. However, on Saturdays and Sundays, the opening time is 10 Am to 4 pm. You can also visit their website to know about the latest updates regarding any event or time changes.

  1. Can you book a group tour?

If you want to get a book tour, you will need to book it in advance. Camps, guides, school and church groups can visit this gallery and learn different creative ideas from the top-quality showcase articles.

  1. Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available near the gallery and you can know more about it on their official website.

  1. Can you take your pets with you?

No, pets are not allowed in the building because the environment of the gallery is family-friendly and pets can create disturbance for others.

Child paint picture in preschool.


Painting and drawing is an excellent way to showcase your mind’s creativity and give it colors. Different painting contests are held worldwide to bring and promote new talent. The Maclaren is one of those galleries which provide a platform for various students and artists to color their thoughts and show them to others.

On the other hand, it is not only to polish and groom inner creativity but also to create a chance to educate the community with the concepts delivered through colors and pencil sketches. You can see lots of artwork that enlighten social issues and create awareness to educate people about them. In past years, many artists created awareness about domestic violence through their artwork.

So, MacLaren Art Centre is a perfect place to visit and polish your creative skills. Creativity is limitless, it just needs to be polished and driven on the right road and this art center is playing an important role by organizing different programs for this reason.


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