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The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Centennial Park

Centennial Park is one of the main tourist attractions. It was opened in 1888 for public enjoyment and then it was the site of the Australian Federation in 1901.

This park has several unique features including, grasslands, wetlands, woodlands, historical buildings, and sports fields. The different features of this park are perfectly suitable for nature lovers who want to explore different natural scenarios. This park is so attractive, loving, and peaceful as well.

It comprises about 470 acres. It is settled between Queen Park and Moore Park. The area of these three parks is 815 acres that offer a wide area to explore for nature lovers.

This park has several natural ponds that offer a home to a wide range of birds making it peaceful and entertaining with the voices of birds for bird watchers. The park is also a great attraction for photographers who focus on capturing natural scenarios.

Other facilities of the park include different picnic points where you can use electric barbeques. Playgrounds and different sports fields are great places for playing different sports along with your family and friends.

Lake view at Centennial Park Barrie ON

Ø Things to See In the Park:

The Parthenon:

It is an antique Greek temple. It is the main attraction of the part that was built for Athena who was a Greek goddess. The construction of the white statue was completed in 1990 after eight years. The sculpture is 42 feet tall and is counted as the largest indoor sculpture.

This sculpture is worth watching as it features several concepts of mythology such as Apollo, Zeus, and serpent-haired medusa.

Outdoor Space:

Meditation and a long walk around Lake Watauga is the favorite activity of different people. A sight on this man-made lake is enough to reduce stress and mental tiredness. Its fountains and different aquatic animals make it more loving and natural.

The outdoor space is for playing different games including cricket, volleyball, and tennis. It is also used for different performances and concerts. This park is also worthy for picnics and mealtimes with families. You can also spend time reading books at the bank of the lake in peaceful and beautiful scenarios.

Annual Events:

Different types of cultural festivals are arranged in this park throughout the years. Music concerts, the Annual Earth Day celebration, and many other events are arranged in this park. Music corner is held on the lawn of Centennial Park every Saturday in fall and spring.

Old Town Trolley Tour:

You can learn about the whole park with the 90 minutes fully narrated tour.  Old Town Trolley is the best way to explore this fantastic park. You can hop on to your favorite place and learn about them. You would need to buy tickets to get to this facility.

Wartime Memory:

This park also tells us about the wartime that it has witnessed. The several displays of the historical fighter jets and other items tell about the historical importance of the place.

Family walking at the park

Playgrounds for Kids in Centennial Parks:

Centennial playgrounds are located nearby the transport and parking places. Kids can spend quality time in the park from dawn to dusk throughout the year.

  • Centennial Homestead Playground:

This playground is among the popular parks for kids. This park is suitable for kids and parents as well because parents can enjoy their time in the restraint or café that lies near to the park.

This park is suitable for children from 2 to 7 years. The hug-me poles, sculptures of animals, and modern playing equipment help in the healthy growth of children.

  • Paddington Gates Playground:

This park is located near the Paddington gate of the park. This park is specially designed for 2-12 years old children.

It was also known as the rocket park due to the presence of a red rocket in the center of the park. The playground containsa see-saw and different other equipment for spinning, swinging, climbing, and balancing.

The park also comprises activity tools and swings for children who require special assistance. Toilet present near to the parking area of the playground makes it the first choice for the parents to come here with their children.

This is the best site to go to for an outdoor picnic with children.

  •   Learners Cycleway Playground:

It is located on the southern side of Centennial Park. This playground has several barbecue sites,  shaded trees, and toilets. It comprises a cycleway that is considered suitable for those children who are learning to ride.

More Information For Visitors:

The park is open from dawn and closes at 11 pm. The main entrance of the park is situated at 2598 West End Avenue. The shady trees will help you to relax in summer noons.

The parking area is available for free. You can come to the park and enjoy quality time by watching birds, walking along the lake, reading a book, and gazing at the birds. The natural and peaceful environment of the park will give you mental relaxation and you will be filled up with energy to complete the hectic tasks of daily life.

Picnic at Centennial Park Barrie ON

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are dogs allowed in Centennial Park?

Yes, Dogs are allowed in Centennial Park. They can wander through the park but they must be leashed and controlled by the owner. However, they are not allowed in the buildings or the pool.

  1. Is parking free at Centennial Park Nashville?

Centennial Park offers free parking. The public rooms are also available for rest.

  1. Do you need tickets for Parthenon?

Yes, you need to buy tickets for Parthenon standing in Centennial Park. The price of the ticket may vary from 6 dollars to 4 dollars.

  1. Can you visit the park at night?

Yes, you can visit Centennial Park at night but you are not allowed to go inside the building, you can only experience the outer areas.

  1. Can you fish in Centennial Park?

No, the centennial park is home toa wide variety of animals. So fishing is not permitted in this park.

Driving Directions by Car:

Driving Directions by Public Transit:

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