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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Alpine Indoor Ski and Snowboard Training Centre

Why wait till winter to ride again or ski? Advanced technologies have brought indoor ski and snowboarding to Mississauga. You can now warm your skiing and snowboarding skills even during summers.

How to reach the centre?

The bus lines 39, 43 and 5 transit through the centre. The 39 bus line runs between Meadowvale Town Centre Bus Terminal and Renforth Station East Platform. The bus line 43 runs between Meadowvale Town Centre Bus Terminal and Skymark Hub. It is not operational on Sunday. The bus line 5 runs between Long Branch Go Station and Cardiff Blvd at Khalsa Dr.

Which is the nearest bus stop?

Matheson Boulevard E.

What are the other nearest stations?

  •   Ambler Dr at Matheson Blvd: 3 minutes’ walk; 171 meters away
  •   Matheson Blvd at Ambler Dr: 3 minutes’ walk; 172 meters away
  •   Dixie Road at Matheson Blvd: 8 minutes’ walk; 583 meters away

First and last bus

The first bus to the centre is 5. It stops at 4:30 AM. The last bus to leave the centre is 5. It stops at 2:06 AM.


Only street parking is available. It is around CA$1 per hour.

Are there any age restrictions?

All adults and children of age six years and above shall visit the center. There are special programs for children younger than six years. Parents have to accompany the children in such programs.

Is Indoor Ski and Snowboarding training ISO certified?


Does the centre provide skiing and snowboarding accessories?

Yes. It is good to get the accessories from the centre. This is because; their snowboards and skis are modified to suit the ski slope and tracks.

Can I bring my own accessories?


Do they provide helmet and boots?

Yes. You can also bring your own helmet and boots.

About skiing and snowboarding at the centre

The carpet is six metres wide and 11 metres long. Three riders can use the carpet at a time. As the rider moves downhill, the carpet moves uphill. The speed of the carpet is adjustable. Also, the steepness of the carpet is adjustable. This makes the carpet suitable for all age groups.

I am a fresher. Will I be accompanied with an instructor?

Yes. An instructor will explain on how to use the carpet. Also, he will give tips to improve your skills. He will also explain how to stop in case of a fall.

What does the cente offer?

It provides structured summer camps during July and August. There are private lessons, drop in sessions, group lessons, semi – private lessons.

Opening and Closing Times

  •   Closed on Mondays
  •   Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM to 8 PM
  •   Tuesday to Friday: 12 PM to 9 PM

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that cover your arms and legs. It is good to wear light athletic clothes.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes. Your payment will be returned if you cancel your appointment before 24 hours. You will lose your payment if you cancel the appointment within 24 hours.

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Is online booking available?


Are there extra charges for equipment, rental and instructions?


What is the temperature inside?

The snow in the carpet is maintained between minus two degrees Celsius and four degrees Celsius.

Is there a cafeteria inside?


Is outside food allowed inside?

No. However, you can carry snacks. For a full day camp, you can pack lunch and two snacks. However, there are no separate dining rooms.

Can I take my pets to the centre?


When should I arrive?

It is good to reach 15 to 30 minutes prior to the appointment. This will help you in equipment fitting.

Can I take a water bottle?


Am I allowed to share my package?

No. You cannot bring your friends and family. Only registered persons are allowed inside.

How long are the lessons?

Minimum: 30 minutes; Maximum: one hour. There are also full day camps. And the snowboards and skis shall be used full time during the camps.

Will I get hurt if I fall?

No. The instructor will teach you to stop yourself from falling. The slope is made of nylon fibers. It hurts a lot less than falling on ice.

Are the slopes good for children?

Yes. The children can learn skiing and snowboarding in a controlled environment. The experience gives them the confidence to ski in mountains.

Does learning on artificial snow have negative impact on riding or skiing on mountains?

No. In fact, it boosts your skiing and riding skills in mountains. The floor material catches to the edge of your boards very easily. This makes it easier to practice the techniques.

What should I carry with me while visiting?

All the accessories are provided at the centre. Due to sanitary requirements, you can carry your own helmets. Wear closed toe shoes. Parents accompanying children less than six years of age will actively participate in the sessions. Such parents should wear comfortable clothes. This is because they will help in lifting and moving their kids.

Can I teach my friend to snowboard here?

No. Only instructors are allowed to teach. You can certainly help your friend. But for that both you and your friend should enroll in the same session. Either case, an instructor will accompany you.

Is the slope crowded?

No. Only two to three people are allowed to ride at a time. Prior booking system is followed to avoid crowding in the floor.

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What should I not do while visiting?

Do not wear thick socks. Thick socks hold moisture; restrict mobility and leads to cold feet. On the other hand, thin socks keep your feet warm and helps in good circulation. Avoid taking meals before and after the activity. At least give two hours of gap. Drink enough water and hydrate yourself before visiting. Do not ditch your helmet. Most of the accidents are beyond your control.

Will I be so tired after skiing?

Skiing engages your entire body. Sometimes, intense full body motion is needed. This definitely consumes more energy. Therefore, you will feel tired after skiing. But the feel is just like an after jog. It passes by within twenty minutes.

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