Centennial Park

Advertisement for Centennial Park Barrie, ON

The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Centennial Park Centennial Park is one of the main tourist attractions. It was opened in 1888 for public enjoyment and then it was the site of the Australian Federation in 1901. This park has several unique features including, grasslands, wetlands, woodlands, historical buildings, and sports fields. The different features of…

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Simcoe County Museum

Advertisement for Simcoe County Museum Barrie ON

The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Simcoe County Museum Simcoe County Museum is an amazing place to peep into the past through the perfect recreation of the historical moments. This park is located on 120 hectares. The forested parkland lies in the north of the city shows the indoor and outdoor exhibits. This museum is surrounded…

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Snow Valley Ski Resorts

Advertisement for Snow Valley Ski Resort in Minesing, ON

The Ultimate Guide To Visit Snow Valley Ski Resorts Tourism is the best way to take a break from daily life’s hectic routine and recharge yourself. In this article, we are providing you with information about one of the most loving and famous locations where you can enjoy a lot. Let’s get started. Snow valley…

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MacLaren Art Centre

Advertisement for MacLaren Art Centre Barrie ON

The Ultimate Guide To Visiting MacLaren Art Centre MacLaren Art Centre is an ideal house of arts in downtown Barrie. It contains over 26,000 wonderful pieces of art. This art gallery not only showcases a wide range of talent through exhibitions but also motivates and encourages other artists to show their work through the art…

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Mount St. Louis Moonstone

Advertisement for Mount St. Louis, Coldwater, ON

The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Mount St. Louis Moonstone Mount St. Louis Moonstone is located an hour’s drive from Toronto and is one of the main tourist attractions for skiers from Toronto. It is counted among the largest ski resort that is a perfect point for families and friends. Its hills are the perfect location…

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